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This paper presents a system for high level collaboration between humans and intelligent agents in a virtual reality. The proposed system is capable of creating a virtual world including its visualization and simulation of Newtonian physics. Furthermore, with voice recognition and synthesization conversations can be made with intelligent agents in a user(More)
This paper presents a system for high level collaboration between humans and intelligent agents in a virtual reality. The proposed system is capable of creating virtual worlds with the simulation of Newtonian physics and their visualization as interface for humans. Furthermore, with voice recognition and synthesization the human interface provides a user(More)
The present paper proposes a model for intelligent image contour detection. The model is strongly based on the architecture and functionality of the mammalian visual cortex. A pixel-to-feature transformation is performed on the input image, the result of which is a set of abstract image features, instead of another set of pixels. The contouring task is(More)
This paper presents a binocular camera alignment system and a neural model integrated in the system. The neural model is based on the occipital lobe of the mammalian cerebral cortex responsible for primary visual input processing. The final goal is to achieve a brain-like integrated cognitive system. Although the components of such a system may have weaker(More)
This paper applies new cognitive infocommunication channels in human-machine interaction to develop a new paradigm of robot teaching and supervision. The robot is considered as an unskilled worker who is strong and capable for precise manufacturing. It has a special kind of intelligence but it is handicapped in a sense, which requires it to be supervised.(More)
For a planetary surface exploration, grinding and drilling equipment is one of the mo st important devices in geological observation of sampled rocks. However, the equipment can't be directly applied for works in the space. More specifically, the weight of drilling and grinding machines generally used on the Earth is so heavy, an d they need lubricant.(More)
Recent results in retinal research have shown that ganglion cell receptive fields cover the mammalian retina in a mosaic arrangement, with insignificant amounts of overlap in the central fovea. This finding implies that from the informatics point of view there is a major conceptual gap between traditional and widely accepted, convolution based image(More)
Cognitive informatics is a very hot topic today, trying to provide solutions to problems in computation that are easily solved by the brain but are hard for a computer. The information processing properties of the brain are taken as the basis for such artificial systems. The first step of visual information processing, the extraction of orientation(More)
We refer to channels of communication which link the user to various electronic appliances and computers as cognitive communication channels. One especially interesting research topic related to cognitive communication channels deals with a special application called sensory substitution, when information is conveyed through a channel other than the one(More)
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