Barna Reskó

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Recent results in retinal research have shown that ganglion receptive fields cover the mammalian retina in a mosaic arrangement with very small overlap. Classical biology inspired models of the retina performing image processing operations such as edge-detection, in contrast, by using convolution of a filter and the image, map overlapping input image(More)
This paper presents a case study of the TP (Tensor Product) model transformation in the control of a nonlinear benchmark problem. We design a nonlinear controller of translational oscillation with an eccentric rotational proof mass actuator (TOW) system via TP model transformation and LMI (Linear Matrix Inequality) based controller design technique that is(More)
Intelligent Space based on ubiquitous computing is a space which has distributed sensory intelligence and is equipped with actuators. The various devices of ubiquitous sensory intelligence cooperate with each other autonomously, and the whole space has high intelligence, where we can easily interact with computers and robots, and get useful services from(More)
This paper presents an artificial neural network for the adjustment of two cameras in order to picture the same spot for means of stereoscopic vision. The two cameras are in a master-slave relationship, where the optical center of the slave camera is adjusted to picture the same point as the optical center of the master camera. The task is performed by a(More)
This paper presents a 3 DOF robotic arm used for drawing on a paper sheet. The robotic arm is constructed using LEGO NXT bricks. The purpose of the development was to create a control system of the servo motors for the robot, as well as the inverse kinematics, used for moving the arm. The NXT controller is running LejOS for optimal motor control, while(More)