Barna L. Bihari

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Achieving efficient and correct synchronization of multiple threads is a difficult and error-prone task at small scale and, as we march towards extreme scale computing, will be even more challenging when the resulting application is supposed to utilize millions of cores efficiently. Transactional Memory (TM) is a promising technique to ease the burden on(More)
A generalization of Harten's multiresolution algorithms to two-dimensional (2-D) hyperbolic conservation laws is presented. Given a Cartesian grid and a discretized function on it, the method computes the local-scale components of the function by recursive diadic coarsening of the grid. Since the function's regularity can be described in terms of its scale(More)
The OpenMP specification lacks a composable shared memory con-currency mechanism: the current OpenMP concurrency mechanisms, such as OMP critical, locks, or atomics, do not support composition. In this paper, we motivate the need for transactional memory (TM) in OpenMP. The chief reason is to support composition of realistic programs, but we also consider(More)
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