Barna Ganguly

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AIM Study was aimed to assess the accuracy of drug dose and its frequency in patients with renal dysfunction in a tertiary care hospital. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a retrospective observational study. Patients > 18 years old, with the serum creatinine (SCr) level > 1.4 mg/dl were included. Drugs prescribed to these patients were recorded in case(More)
Whole worm of Setaria cervi and its nerve muscle preparation exhibit rhythmical movements when suspended in modified Ringer's solution in an isolated organ bath. Deprivation of calcium from the bathing fluid results in gradual reduction in the amplitude and rate of contraction till the movements ceased completely. Similar results were obtained by adding(More)
Nerve muscle preparation of Setaria cervi (Nematoda:Filarioidea) exhibits spontaneous rhythmical movements when suspended in isolated organ bath containing modified Ringer's solution. Pyrantel pamoate (50 ng/ml) when applied caused initial short lasting stimulation followed by irreversible paralysis. When suspended in calcium free bathing fluid the(More)
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