Barketullah Qureshi

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Transplantation of organs is becoming increasingly successful. What was once an experimental and life-saving emergency procedure has now been transformed into a life-enhancing and technologically advanced form of therapy. Histocompatibility testing between the donor and recipient consist of identification of HLA antigens known as tissue typing, and testing(More)
TCP researchers evaluated the performance and fairness of different TCP protocols on the basis of new algorithms. The new High-Speed Transport Control Protocols (HS-TCP) were developed but there are still many problems regarding to bandwidth utilization, throughput and packet loss rate. To overcome these problems Quick Transport Control Protocol (QTCP)(More)
Mismatching for HLA antigens in renal transplant recipients effects the graft survival and may also be responsible for the development of malignancy including skin cancer due to the intensive immunosuppression, continuous antigenic stimulation or both. In this article, available data are reviewed and an attempt is made to show that some specific immunologic(More)
TCP provides communication service however the network congestion is one of the core issues, it occurs when a link carry so much data, and effects on delay, packet loss rate and fairness. When the available bandwidth becomes very high, TCP, as tuned today, does not perform well. Several high-speed variants of TCP have been implemented to resolve the(More)
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