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It has been previously demonstrated by our group that a visual stimulus made of dynamically changing luminance evokes an echo or reverberation at ~10 Hz, lasting up to a second. In this study we aimed to reveal whether similar echoes also exist in the auditory modality. A dynamically changing auditory stimulus equivalent to the visual stimulus was designed(More)
AIM To compare the radiopacity of five root filling materials as measured on digitized E-speed films, storage phosphor plate and CCD sensor images. METHODOLOGY Radiopacity of Resilon cones and Epiphany, MM-Seal, EndoREZ and AH Plus sealers were investigated. Ten acrylic plates were prepared and filled with the materials. Samples were radiographed together(More)
The modulatory role of spontaneous brain oscillations on perception of threshold-level stimuli is well established. Here, we provide evidence that alpha-band (∼10 Hz) oscillations not only modulate perception of threshold-level sensory inputs, but also can drive perception and generate percepts without a physical stimulus being present. We used the(More)
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