Baris Erbas

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AIMS High androgen levels are presumed by many to explain the male predisposition to coronary artery disease. However, natural androgens inhibit male atherosclerosis(1). Our aim was to determine whether levels of androgens differ between men with and without coronary artery disease. METHODS AND RESULTS Ninety male subjects (60 with positive, and 30 with(More)
Thirty-three patients fulfilling the clinical criteria for brain death were tested by Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials (BAEP) and Radionuclide Cerebral Angiography and Brain Perfusion Studies. There was a significant correlation between the BAEP and radionuclide study outcomes. All patients with absence of BAEP showed no cerebral perfusion. These(More)
OBJECTIVE Long-term antiepileptic drug (AED) use has been associated with bone disease, but many previous studies have been limited by inadequate control subjects. We used a cotwin affected sib-pair model to investigate this issue. METHODS The authors studied 31 female twin (15 monozygous and 16 dizygous) and four sibling pairs (< 3 years age difference)(More)
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