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Chronic renal failure caused by hypertension or by parenchymal kidney disease is a very common global health problem. Patients with chronic renal failure have two therapeutic options, dialysis and transplantation, of which transplantation has become a preferred modality. This review article is an update of a more comprehensive previous review (Semin Nucl(More)
A plane sound wave is incident at an angle h upon an infinite array of rigid plates, equally spaced and lying along the y-axis, where (x, y) are two-dimensional Cartesian coordinates. The boundary value problem is formulated into a matrix Wiener–Hopf equation whose kernel is, when the plates and interstices are of equal length, decomposable into two factors(More)
Two children with the antenatal diagnosis of hydronephrosis secondary to a primary obstructed megaureter are presented. Both children were treated nonoperatively. They were observed with serial diuretic scintigrams using Tc-99m MAG3 and renal sonography. Throughout, the children have been asymptomatic. During a 3-year follow-up period, the diuretic renogram(More)
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