Baris Baykant Alagoz

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This paper presents a stochastic, multi-parameters, divergence optimization method for the auto-tuning of proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controllers according to a fractional-order reference model. The study aimed to approximate the step response of the real closed-loop flight control system to the response of a theoretical reference model for a(More)
This study presents numerical methods for robust stability analysis of closed loop control systems with parameter uncertainty. Methods are based on scan sampling of interval characteristic polynomials from the hypercube of parameter space. Exposed-edge polynomial sampling is used to reduce the computational complexity of robust stability analysis. Computer(More)
This study reports a wave-controlled sonic crystal switch device that exhibits a destructive interference-based wave to wave reverse switching effect. By applying control waves, this acoustic device, composed of a two-dimensional square lattice sonic crystal block, reduces acoustic wave transmission from input to output. The finite difference time domain(More)
With power mapping (conformal mapping), stability analyses of fractional order linear time invariant (LTI) systems are carried out by consideration of the root locus of expanded degree integer order polynomials in the principal Riemann sheet. However, it is essential to show the left half plane (LHP) stability analysis of fractional order characteristic(More)
This paper presents master-slave stochastic multi-parameters divergence optimization (SMDO) method for tuning of fractional order proportional-integral-derivative (FOPID) controllers. Bode's ideal control loop (BICL) is used as a reference model that guides the optimization process. Master-slave SMDO performs optimization of FOPID and BICL parameters(More)
Parameter uncertainties and unpredictable environmental disturbances reduce control performance of real control systems. For a robust control performance, stability and disturbance rejection are two main concerns that should be addressed in practical controller design problems. This paper presents an analysis to deal with system stability and disturbance(More)
Fossil fuels energy consumption leads to the major global problems such as shortage of energy and the climate changes and these problems can be solved by efficient use of renewable energy resources. Photovoltaic power generation is expanding rapidly because of the growing interest in the renewable energy resources. In this paper, detailed photovoltaic(More)
This study investigates effects of fractional order perturbation on the robust stability of linear time invariant systems with interval uncertainty. For this propose, a probabilistic stability analysis method based on characteristic root region accommodation in the first Riemann sheet is developed for interval systems. Stability probability distribution is(More)
This study demonstrates an application of distance-based numerical measures to the phase space of time series signals, in order to obtain a temporal analysis of complex dynamical systems. This method is capable of detecting alterations appearing in the characters of the deterministic dynamical systems and provides a simple tool for the real-time analysis of(More)