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Treatment of non union of humerus using G. A. Ilizarov technique.
The management of the non union of humerus is one of the most challenging problems that the surgeon confronts in his practice. The procedures traditionally used are: I.M. Nailing, interlocking,Expand
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Judet's Quadricepsplasty for Extension Contracture of the Knee (Stiff Knee)
Between January 2003 to 2013 Judet’s Quadricepsplasty was performed on 32 stiff knees. The initial preoperative range of movement was 15° (range 10°25°). Postoperative plaster immobilization was onlyExpand
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Treatment of Patella Fractures by Compressive External Fixation (CEF)
Recent traditional treatment of patella fractures is related with infection and failure of fixation. The complications that we see can be treated surgically which is cost effective and limits theExpand
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Surgical reconstruction of leprotic foot drop.
We have operated 152 patients for correction of foot-drop due to leprosy from March 1992 to July 1999. The method used was circumtibial transfer of the tibial is posterior to the tendons of extensorExpand
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The Treatment of Cubitus Valgus Using the Ilizarov Method
Cubitus valgus is the most common complication of lateral condylar fractures. Various combinations of osteotomy and fixation have been described to correct valgus deformity. We are using distractionExpand
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Damage Control Orthopaedics
Treatment of Proximal Femoral Fractures in Children Delbet Type II by Ilizarov Technique
Hip fractures rarely occur in children but when it occurs it is potentially very serious. Fracture in children is due to high velocity trauma, for example falling from a height or a car accident.Expand
Ilizarov for Legg-Calve -Perthes Disease
This study presents the results of prospective consecutive cohort of patient with Legg-Calve- Perthes disease treated by Ilizarov technique between 1995 and 2014. The primary aim is to determine theExpand
Treatment of Neglected Elbow Dislocation Using Ilizarov Ring Fixator
We treated 14 neglected elbow dislocations with a mean age of 45 (15-50) years after arthrolysis which can be done by lateral, medial or combined lateral and medial approach with Ilizarov hingeExpand
Reconstruction of diaphyseal tibial bone loss: G.A. llizarov technique
The management of segmental defects within the diaphysis of long bones is one of the most challenging problems that the surgeon confronts in his practice. The procedures traditionally used to bridgeExpand
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