Bareng A.S. Nonyane

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BACKGROUND Inequities in both health status and coverage of health services are considered important barriers to achieving Millennium Development Goal 4. Community-based health promotion is a strategy that is believed to reduce inequities in rural low-income settings. This paper examines the contributions of community-based programming to improving the(More)
BACKGROUND Population-based investigations aimed at uncovering genotype-trait associations often involve high-dimensional genetic polymorphism data as well as information on multiple environmental and clinical parameters. Machine learning (ML) algorithms offer a straightforward analytic approach for selecting subsets of these inputs that are most predictive(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a social and verbal autopsy study to determine cultural-, social- and health system-related factors that were associated with the delay in formal care seeking in Sylhet district, Bangladesh. METHODS Verbal and social autopsy interviews were conducted with mothers who experienced a neonatal death between October 2007 and May 2011.(More)
Community-based maternal and newborn care interventions have been shown to improve neonatal survival and other key health indicators. It is important to evaluate whether the improvement in health indicators is accompanied by a parallel increase in the equitable distribution of the intervention activities, and the uptake of healthy newborn care practices. We(More)
BACKGROUND We previously have shown that chronic kidney disease (CKD) is associated with cardiovascular and all-cause mortality in community-dwelling people 75 years and older. The present study addresses the hypothesis that CKD is associated with a higher rate of hospital admission at an older age. STUDY DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING & PARTICIPANTS(More)
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