Barend Wilhelm Jansen van Rensburg

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Whole blood serotonin levels were investigated in a control group (n = 35) and in a group of chronic renal failure patients (n = 127) on various treatment regimen i.e. conservative treatment (n = 39), maintenance haemodialysis (n = 35) and after renal transplantation (n = 53). The whole blood serotonin levels, as determined by high performance liquid(More)
We present two cases of May-Hegglin anomaly incidentally discovered in a patient and his brother during investigation of the patient for end-stage renal failure and workup for renal transplantation. Routine laboratory tests were performed and included a basically normal clotting profile. Ultrastructural studies of the May-Hegglin inclusions proved(More)
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is expected to increase in Africa and South Africa. Due to the low numbers of rheumatologists in South Africa, specialist physicians also have to care for patients with RA. Furthermore several new developments have taken place in recent years which improved the management and outcome of RA. Classification criteria were updated,(More)
The melatonin status of patients in end-stage chronic renal failure (CRF) was evaluated by the determination of daytime plasma melatonin levels and by the investigation of the circadian rhythmicity of melatonin secretion. A significant increase in plasma melatonin concentration was found in all CRF patient groups investigated, i.e. CRF patients on(More)
Twenty dialysis and renal transplant patients with parathyroid hyperplasia underwent a total parathyroidectomy and an autotransplantation in forearm muscle. Twelve patients were available for investigation of the function of the transplanted parathyroid tissue. Differential studies of the two arms revealed functioning of the transplanted tissue in all(More)
BACKGROUND This paper reports a retrospective audit of new patients referred to the Renal Unit at Universitas Academic Hospital in Bloemfontein, South Africa for the decade 1997-2006. METHODS All the files kept in the Renal Unit were reviewed for the main clinical presentation, a definitive pathological diagnosis (if obtained), age, race and gender of the(More)
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