Barend J. van Wyk

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The distance between a straight line and a straight line segment in the image space is proposed in this paper. Based on this distance, the neighborhood of a straight line segment is defined and mapped into the parameter space to obtain the parameter space neighborhood of the straight line segment. The neighborhood mapping between the image space and(More)
In this paper, geometrical analysis is used to extract novel straight line segment features from the wings around the peaks of the Hough Transform (HT). Based on these features, a practical segment detection method is proposed which has the ability to determine complete straight line segment parameters including the location of the center, length, slope and(More)
A new particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm with has a chaotic neural network structure, is proposed. The structure is similar to the Hopfield neural network with transient chaos, and has an improved ability to search for globally optimal solution and does not suffer from problems of premature convergence. The presented PSO model is discrete-time(More)
Third generation (3G) cellular networks are being implemented in many countries at high rate. Due to the fact that manual cell planning is a time consuming process and prone to a degree of error and inefficiency, there is a need for automated approaches to optimise coverage, capacity and quality of cellular networks in a fraction of the time. This paper(More)
This paper describes a visual interface that recognizes the command request of a person by inferring the intention to travel in a desired direction at a certain speed from the person's head movements. A rotation and a vertical motion indicate the intent to change direction and speed respectively. The context for which this solution is intended is that of(More)