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Von Frey filaments used for testing mechanical thresholds are mechanically unstable and their use is difficult to standardize. We have therefore constructed a hand-held electronic pressure algometer. The pressure algometer is connected to a computerized data collection system, allowing on-line display of the applied force as well as the application rate.(More)
Various therapeutic interventions after hypoxia-ischemia (HI) have been shown to reduce brain injury in the short-term perspective, but it remains uncertain whether such findings are accompanied by long-term functional and structural improvements. HI was induced in 7-d-old rats as follows. The left carotid artery was ligated, and the rat was exposed to 100(More)
The aim of this study was to test whether environmental enrichment alters the status and responsiveness of pituitary-adrenocortical and sympathetic-adrenomedullary hormones in rats. Previous studies have shown that rats kept in an enriched environment differ from those kept in standard cages in dendritic branching, synaptogenesis, memory function,(More)
Tissue levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) protein were studied using enzyme immunoassay in different forebrain regions in the ipsi- and contralateral hemispheres of rats housed under enriched or standard conditions after the middle cerebral artery ligation. BDNF levels in the ipsilateral to ligation side was significantly higher only in the(More)
Current understanding of brain plasticity has lead to new approaches in ischemic stroke rehabilitation. Stroke units that combine good medical and nursing care with task-oriented intense training in an environment that provides confidence, stimulation and motivation significantly improve outcome. Repetitive trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), and(More)
Results from a previous longitudinal study indicated that a combination of high CD8 and low CD4 percentages and poor T cell proliferation in peripheral blood lymphocytes was associated with higher mortality in a subgroup of a sample of very old Swedish individuals. The present study examined whether those results could be confirmed at a subsequent 2-year(More)
Early overuse of a lesioned forelimb, induced by immediate immobilization of the intact forelimb after a cortical lesion, has been reported to increase tissue damage and delay functional recovery. To investigate if early training without immobilization of the intact forelimb could increase tissue loss and reduce recovery, the middle cerebral artery was(More)
Rats housed in an enriched environment allowing both social interaction and physical activity improve more than rats housed in standard laboratory cages after focal brain ischemia. To determine the relative importance of social and physical activity, rats that sustained ligation of the middle cerebral artery were kept in an enriched environment with(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The subventricular zone in the adult brain is identified as an endogenous resource of neuronal precursors that can be recruited to adjacent lesioned areas. The hypothesis was tested that postischemic environmental enrichment might enhance subventricular zone cell genesis. METHODS A cortical infarct was induced in adult spontaneously(More)