Barbora Hladká

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The availability of annotated data (with as rich and “deep” annotation as possible) is desirable in any new developments. Textual data are being used for so-called training phase of various empirical methods solving various problems in the field of computational linguistics. While there are many methods that use texts in their plain (or raw) form (in most(More)
We present results of probabilistic tagging of Czech texts in order to show how these techniques work for one of the highly morphologically ambiguous inflective languages. After description of the tag system used, we show the results of four experiments using a simple probabilistic model to tag Czech texts (unigram, two bigram experiments, and a t r igram(More)
The RExtractor system is an information extractor that processes input documents by natural language processing tools and consequently queries the parsed sentences to extract a knowledge base of entities and their relations. The extraction queries are designed manually using a tool that enables natural graphical representation of queries over dependency(More)