Barbara von Tigerstrom

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The recent approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration of a clinical trial involving a product derived from human embryonic stem cells, along with recent concerns about unproven stem cell therapies being offered to patients, highlight the importance of regulation at the critical stage of beginning human trials of novel therapies. The(More)
Few areas of recent research have received as much focus or generated as much excitement and debate as stem cell research. Hope for the therapeutic promise of this field has been matched by social concern associated largely with the sources of stem cells and their uses. This interplay between promise and controversy has contributed to the enormous variation(More)
Stem cell therapies offer enormous potential for the treatment of a wide range of diseases and conditions. Despite the excitement over such advances, regulators are faced with the challenge of determining criteria to ensure stem cells and their products are safe and effective for human use. However, stem cell-based products and therapies present unique(More)
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