Barbara Younger

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OBJECTIVES Evaluate the impact of a shielded 3 cc safety syringe on needlestick injuries among healthcare workers. DESIGN Surveillance study. SETTING Three medical centers. RESULTS The total number of needlesticks from all sources rose from 134 during the baseline period to 140 during the study phase. However, the overall rate of needlesticks(More)
Traditional models of adult language processing and production include two levels of representation: lexical and sublexical. The current study examines the influence of the inclusion of a lexical representation (i.e. a visual referent and/or object function) on the stability of articulation as well as on phonetic accuracy and variability in typically(More)
A minor outbreak of culture-proved cutaneous sporotrichosis occurred in three employees of a commercial nursery in eastern Minnesota. All three had known exposure to sphagnum moss used for the packing of plant roots. Sporothrix schenkii was grown from a culture of sphagnum moss used at the nursery. The supplier of the moss is located in Wisconsin.
Amniotic fluid osmolality (AF Osm) was studied in 247 patients whose pregnancies were complicated by maternal diabetes. Significant increases in mean AF Osm accompanied pre-existing fetal as well as subsequent perinatal death. Abnormal increases in AF Osm were associated with a significant increase in risk of perinatal compromise with cumulative morbidity(More)
A 41/2-month-old infant, the product of a normal pregnancy, labor, and delivery had a folded right ear at birth. At the apex of the fold there was a crusted erythematous nodule. A biopsy specimen of this nodule at age 41/2 months showed collections of calcium surrounded by epithelioid histiocytes in the dermis. This case calls attention to the rare(More)
Amniotic fluid (AF) creatinine concentrations, determined in 353 samples from 167 pregnancies complicated by maternal diabetes, are similar to those found at comparable gestation in uncomplicated pregnancy. Added maternal vascular disease significantly raises AF creatinine to such a degree that overestimation of fetal (renal) maturity is a clinical hazard(More)
Amniotic fluid glucose (AF glu) was studied in 92 pregnancies complicated by maternal diabetes. An inverse relation between AF glu and gestational age was found: [AF glu (mg. per diciliter) = 160.9 -- 3.51 (weeks gestation); r = -0.47]. A direct relation between AF glu and severity of maternal diabetes was observed: mean AF glu (mg. per deciliter) = 24.6(More)
The internal structure of the epidermal Langerhans' cell granule (LCG) was studied with optical transforms of electron micrographs representing 3 planes of sectioning. Its "limiting membrane" exhibited linear discontinuity with a periodicity of about 11 nm similar to the structural repeats of the core (10.8 mm) in both the "outer" and the "internal(More)
Radioimmunoassay has shown a cross-reaction of the beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) with high levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the serum of four women who underwent bilateral oophorectomy as part of their treatment for trophoblastic disease. Administration of oral contraceptives led to suppression of the LH and beta subunit HCG titers.