Barbara Weyn

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The embryonic stem cell test (EST) is an ECVAM-validated assay to detect embryotoxicity. The output of the assay is the effect of test compounds on the differentiation of murine-derived embryonic stem cells (D3 cells), recorded by visual analysis of contracting cardiomyocyte-like cells. Incorporation of a system to assess the contractility in an automated(More)
Automated behaviour recognition is a challenging problem and it has recently gained momentum in biological behaviour studies. This paper describes a framework for tracking and automatical classification of the behaviour of multiple freely interacting Drosophila Melanogaster (fruit flies) in a low resolution video. The movements of interacting flies are(More)
Cells change their morphology as a response to environmental cues. The quantitative evaluation of single cell spread on extracellular matrices, such as type I collagen, is a key tool in cancer research. Inherent to the manual scoring of cellular spread is inter-observer but also intra-observer variation. To overcome these problems, we have developed the(More)
Background—Gradual telomere erosion eventually limits the replicative life span of somatic cells and is regarded as an ultimate tumour suppressor mechanism, eliminating cells that have accumulated genetic alterations. Telomerase, which has been found in over 85% of human cancers, elongates telomeres and may be required for tumorigenesis by the process of(More)
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