Barbara Weninger

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Interscalene blocks of the brachial plexus are used for surgery of the shoulder and are frequently associated with complications such as temporary phrenic block, Horner syndrome or hematoma. To minimize the risk of these complications, we developed an approach that avoids medially directed needle advancement and favors spread to lateral regions only: the(More)
BACKGROUND Volumes from 5 to 20 mL of local anesthetic are used for stellate ganglion block. The variation of practice gave us the impetus to investigate the distribution of 3 different volumes of solution. We documented the regions reached by each volume to assess the possibility to reduce the injectate to 5 mL. MATERIALS AND METHOD A total of 42(More)
PURPOSE Total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) is increasingly used in diagnostic surgery such as stereotactic biopsy of the brain. TIVA could lead to a faster recovery of cerebral function, which may lead to a better behavior and advantages in the postoperative management. The aim of this prospective, single-blind study was to compare the hemodynamics, the(More)
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