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This paper provides a review of existing instructional planning approaches, classified in two groups: delivery and content planning (Wasson, 1990). It is suggested that instructional planning doesn't have to be associated with a particular teaching style or locus of control. Two examples are used to illustrate how instructional planning can implement(More)
With the increase of ICT in classrooms comes much data that can be used for evidence-based assessment. We focus on harnessing and interpreting this data to empower teachers in formative assessment. We describe e-assessment of English as a Second Language and illustrate how we move from data collected in classroom activities, through an automated assessment(More)
Project DoCTA focuses on understanding interaction in a set of collaborative telelearning scenarios aimed at teacher training. Rooted in a sociocultural perspective, two scenarios were studied from thirteen views including ethnographic flavoured studies focused on understanding work organisation, usability studies of groupware systems, evaluations of(More)