Barbara Wadsworth

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We have measured transverse momentum distributions of charged hadrons produced in d+Au collisions at sqrt[s(NN)]=200 GeV. The spectra were obtained for transverse momenta 0.25<p(T)<6.0 GeV/c, in a pseudorapidity range of 0.2<eta<1.4 in the deuteron direction. The evolution of the spectra with collision centrality is presented in comparison to p+pmacr;(More)
We have measured the ratios of antiparticles to particles for charged pions, kaons, and protons near mid-rapidity in central Au+Au collisions at sqrt[s(NN)] = 130 GeV. We observe <pi(-)>/<pi(+)> = 1.00+/-0.01(stat)+/-0.02(syst), <K->/<K+> = 0.91+/-0.07(stat)+/-0.06(syst), and <p>/<p> = 0.60+/-0.04(stat)+/-0.06(syst). The <K->/<K+> and <p>/<p> ratios give a(More)
J.Micha lowski, A.C.Mignerey, R.Nouicer, A.Olszewski, R.Pak, I.C.Park, H.Pernegger, C.Reed, L.P.Remsberg, M.Reuter, C.Roland, G.Roland, L.Rosenberg, J.Sagerer, P.Sarin, P.Sawicki, W.Skulski, S.G.Steadman, P.Steinberg, G.S.F.Stephans, M.Stodulski, A.Sukhanov, J.-L.Tang, R.Teng, A.Trzupek, C.Vale, G.J.van Nieuwenhuizen, R.Verdier, B.Wadsworth, F.L.H.Wolfs,(More)
The charged-particle pseudorapidity density dN(ch)/d eta has been measured for Au+Au collisions at sqrt[s(NN)] = 130 GeV at RHIC, using the PHOBOS apparatus. The total number of charged particles produced for the 3% most-central Au+Au collisions for /eta/<or=5.4 is found to be 4200+/-470. The evolution of dN(ch)/d eta with centrality is discussed, and(More)
We present the first measurement of the pseudorapidity density of primary charged particles in Au+Au collisions at root square[s(NN)] = 200 GeV. For the 6% most central collisions, we obtain dN(ch)/d(eta)/(/eta/<1) = 650+/-35(syst). Compared to collisions at root square[s(NN)] = 130 GeV, the highest energy studied previously, an increase by a factor of(More)
The SLD detector consists of five major subsystems, each with associated front-end electronics and an integrated FASTBUS control and data acquisition system. This paper highlights the choices among electronic technologies that have been developed for the SLD detector electronics. The common control, calibration, and data acquisition architectures are(More)
This paper describes the measurement of collective flow for charged particles in Au+Au collisions at sqrt[s(NN)]=130 GeV using the PHOBOS detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). The measured azimuthal hit anisotropy is presented over a wide range of pseudorapidity (-5.0<eta<5.3) for the first time at this energy. The result, averaged over(More)
We present measurements of the pseudorapidity distribution of primary charged particles produced in Au+Au collisions at three energies, sqrt[s(NN)]=19.6, 130, and 200 GeV, for a range of collision centrali-ties. The distribution narrows for more central collisions and excess particles are produced at high pseudorapidity in peripheral collisions. For a given(More)
Citation Alver, B. et al. " Charged-particle multiplicity and pseudorapidity distributions measured with the PHOBOS detector in Au+Au, Cu+Cu, d+Au, and p+p collisions at ultrarelativistic energies. " Physical Review C 83. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the(More)
B.B.Back, M.D.Baker, D.S.Barton, R.R.Betts, R.Bindel, A.Budzanowski, W.Busza, A.Carroll, M.P.Decowski , E.Garcia, N.George, K.Gulbrandsen, S.Gushue, C.Halliwell, J.Hamblen, G.A.Heintzelman, C.Henderson, R.Ho lyński, D.J.Hofman, B.Holzman, E.Johnson, J.L.Kane, J.Katzy, N. Khan, W.Kucewicz, P.Kulinich, W.T.Lin, S.Manly, D.McLeod, J.Micha lowski, A.C.Mignerey,(More)