Barbara Skowronek-Bała

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BACKGROUND Paroxysmal sleep disorders in children are important from both pathophysiological and clinical point of view. Correct diagnosis is crucial for further management. The aim of the present study was to identify peripheral markers of paroxysmal sleep disorders in children, which could improve diagnostics of these disorders. We compared serum levels(More)
Caudal regression syndrome (CRS) is a rare combination of congenital abnormalities characterized by caudal vertebral agenesis/dysgenesis that is usually associated with congenital anomalies of spinal cord, gastrointestinal and genitourinary organs. Although the exact teratogenic mechanism is not known, same environmental, e.g., hyperglycemia and genetic(More)
THE AIM OF THE STUDY The psychogenic pseudoepileptic seizures can be provoked by suggestion and by placebo test. This is the possibility that differentiates them with epileptic seizures, if there is a chance to record with video EEG. In the developmental age the intravenous placebo tests are willingly used, moreover the oral placebo has probably the same(More)
The occurrence of stabbing headaches in children requires a thorough diagnostic approach that excludes secondary headaches. The organic background should be taken into consideration when alarming symptoms occur, such as a purely 1-sided location, a change in the character of the headache, or possibly a link to physical activity. The current study describes(More)
BACKGROUND It is estimated that about 25% of children have sleep disorders, from short problems with falling asleep to severe including primary sleep disorders. Majority of these problems are transitory and self-limiting and usually are not recognized by first care physicians and need education. AIM OF THE STUDY Analysis of sleep structure at the(More)
This work comprises of a literature review on visual perception distortions that have their origin in structural or functional irregularities of the brain, resulting in the cortex malfunction. The main area that we pay attention to is the brain cortex, but we should not forget, that diseases destructive to the lower brain structures also inevitably lead to(More)
The paper presents the crucial role of video EEG, modern diagnostic method, which allowed synchronized recording of clinical status and EEG pattern of the patient. This method gives the possibility to compare these two parameters in term of paroxysmal events. Video EEG allows to diagnosed clinical events associated with bioelectrical discharges (epilepsy),(More)
OBJECTIVES The clinical characteristic of attack is frequently difficult to unequivocal establishment by observation. It refers especially to seizures in youngest children, due to complicated attack morphology. VideoEEG as a diagnostic tool makes possible more precise establishment of seizures type and derivation. THE AIM The aim of this analysis was to(More)
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