Barbara Simpson

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AIMS To find and review studies in which investigators evaluated cultural-competence training in community-based rehabilitation settings; critique study methods, describe clinical outcomes, and make recommendations for future research. BACKGROUND A review of the effectiveness of cultural-competence training for health professionals in community-based(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of training in two different supervisory models on the supervision itself, the quality of care, and job satisfaction of nurses in different service settings in a district health service (DHS) in South Africa. DESIGN As part of a larger health systems study, the results of supervision training were evaluated. The quantitative(More)
Since the beginning of the genomic era, the SNP chip market in livestock species has grown almost exponentially. Today, researchers are asked to deal with many SNP chips on daily basis, and this requires having the (general and specific) information on the SNPs available and at hand. However, the information is often difficult to obtain (e.g. data on chips(More)
The acquisition and growth of technological knowledge is fundamental to competitive advantage in the emerging knowledge economy. This article explores the notion of technological learning as a means of developing the capabilities that underpin long term sustainable innovation. The research project was designed to identify new ways of understanding learning(More)
  • B. Miao, B. Turner, B. Simpson, T. Mabry
  • 2004
The relationship ofAmbrosia (ragweed) andFranseria has long been debated. Their treatment as separate genera has been repeatedly challenged. In this study, chloroplast DNA restriction site variation was examined for species from bothAmbrosia andFranseria as well as taxa from the closely related genusHymenoclea. The chloroplast genomes of members of these(More)
Document prepared for the Policy Forum 'The right of learners to quality and equity in education – The role of linguistic and intercultural competences' List of studies and resources accompanying this concept paper: 1. Language diagnostics in multilingual settings with respect to continuous assessment procedures as accompaniment of learning and teaching –(More)