Barbara Siegfried

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This work presents a new and novel technique for determining the in-situ stress profile of hydrocarbon reservoirs from geophysical well logs using a combination of fuzzy logic and neural networks. It is well established, that in-situ stress cannot be generated from well logs alone. This is because two sets of formations may have very similar geologic(More)
The effects of sulfathiazole (STA) on Escherichia coli with glucose as a growth substrate was investigated to elucidate the effect-based reaction of sulfonamides in bacteria and to identify biomarkers for bacterial uptake and effect. The predominant metabolite was identified as pterine-sulfathiazole by LC-high resolution mass spectrometry. The formation of(More)
BACKGROUND, AIM AND SCOPE After the discovery of chloroform in drinking water, an extensive amount of work has been dedicated to the factors influencing the formation of halogenated disinfections by-products (DBPs). The disinfection practice can vary significantly from one country to another. Whereas no disinfectant is added to many water supplies in(More)
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