Barbara Schwarz

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T-cell-mediated loss of pancreatic beta-cells is the crucial event in the development of type 1 diabetes. The phenotypic characteristics of disease-associated T-cells in type 1 diabetes have not yet been defined. The negative results from two intervention trials (the Diabetes Prevention Trial-Type 1 Diabetes and the European Nicotinamide Diabetes(More)
Although surgical division of the transverse carpal ligament is the operative treatment of choice for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), controversy exists about the immediate postoperative treatment regimen. Splinting for up to 6 weeks after surgery is recommended by some investigators. We therefore evaluated effectiveness of splinting after open carpal tunnel(More)
This review is focused on methods for detecting small molecules and, in particular, the characterisation of their interaction with natural proteins (e.g. receptors, ion channels). Because there are intrinsic advantages to using label-free methods over labelled methods (e.g. fluorescence, radioactivity), this review only covers label-free techniques. We(More)
This study aims to assess the potential of the electrophysiological muscle scan or stimulus–response curve as a diagnostic instrument. If stimulus intensity is gradually increased from subthreshold to supramaximal values, all motor units in a muscle are successively activated. Thus, by plotting response size versus stimulus intensity, an impression (scan)(More)
Aims and topics The conference provided a platform for scientific exchange with the focus on optical detection and transducing mechanisms, but topics in the fields of innovative surface functionalization protocols, novel recognition elements, real-world applications, system integration, miniaturization and automation, and multiplexed detection applications(More)
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