Barbara Sala

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AIM Aim of our study was the evaluation of Italian experience with bilio-intestinal bypass in the surgical treatment of morbid obesity. MATERIALS AND METHODS 1030 patients; mean age 36.1 years; preoperative mean weight Kg 136.7; mean preoperative BMI 48.9 kg/m2; mean follow-up 68 years (1-28). 838 patients underwent open and 192 laparoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND Since 1990 we adopted the bilio-intestinal bypass (BIBP) for all morbid obese patients eligible to a malabsorption procedure. Since 2001 we used laparoscopic technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS 102 patients; mean age 35.4 (18-54) years; preoperative mean weight Kg 148.3 (105-225); mean preoperative BMI 54.1 kg/m2 (40-66.2); mean follow-up 10 years(More)
Acute confusional migraine (ACM) is recognized as a rare, but highly disabling migraine equivalent, mostly reported in children and adolescents. Herein we describe the case of a 12-year-old girl admitted to hospital for an acute confusional state and severe psychomotor agitation, associated with a pulsating headache and nausea, which turned out to be a(More)
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