Barbara S. Cooper

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In and out of government, determining the cost of illness is a major concern. The allocation of health care resources and the evaluation of current research and program efforts depend in large measure on such information. This article updates the 1963 benchmark study of the cost of illness. For the 16 major diagnostic categories of illnesses, the cost is(More)
Outpatient prescription drug coverage is not a Medicare covered benefit. Debate continues in Congress and elsewhere on modernizing the Medicare benefit package, including proposals that would help the Nation's seniors pay for prescription drugs. Very little is known about which persons within the Medicare population have drug coverage from other sources.(More)
The Medicare program completed its 30th year of operation on June 30, 1996. Enacted on July 30, 1965, as Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, and implemented on July 1, 1966, Medicare was seen as filling a gap in the Nation's social insurance system. That system had been providing income protection for the population age 65 and over under the Social(More)
The recently enacted Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) includes a broad set of provisions intended to enlarge the role of private health plans (called Medicare Advantage plans) in Medicare. This issue brief examines the payments that private plans are receiving in 2004 relative to costs in traditional(More)
Th& article departs &ghtZy from previous ones in the annual series on national heaZth expenditures. Data were fomerly presented for calendar years beginning with 1950. This year the article presents historical data back to 1929, on both a fiscal-year and calendar-year basis. Detailed fiscal-year data by source of funds and type of program are reported(More)
The yeur 196%’ YUW a sizable shift in outlays fo? health and medic& cwre from private sowrce.y of funds to public sowces. Th& tland & attributuble in large measure to the implementation of the program of health irwurunce fo?* the aged (Medicare) heginning July 1, 1965, to the new medbul assistance yrogtam (Medic&d), and to the eayarwion of other public(More)