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Apoptosis which is also a called programmed cell death plays an important role during development, homeostasis and in many diseases such as cancer. Apoptosis is a genetically encoded cell death program defined by characteristic morphological and biochemical features. It is well recognized as a distinct pathologic mechanism in tumours responding to(More)
The coexistance of tuberculous infection (TB-infection) and lung cancer in patients treated in Pulmonary Department of Medical Academy in Lublin during last ten years (1990-2000) has been evaluated. Inclusion criteria involved: aging from 50 to 80 years, tobacco smoking, tuberculous infection in present or in past, lung cancer. All analyzed patients (32(More)
Phospholipids forming blood platelets membrane are substrates for oxidative phosphorylation in electric and chemical activation of these cells. Beneficial effect of corticosteroids on the course of asthma is connected with inhibition of phospholipase A2. This enzyme is responsible for the generation of allergic reaction membrane mediators like leukotrienes,(More)
Epidemiological studies which were carried out in the USA and Europe indicated that bronchial asthma is a frequent cause of respiratory symptoms in people older than 60 years. Development of allergic inflammation in airways in elderly is similar to young people. There are two clinical forms of bronchial asthma: persistent asthma, which appears before 40(More)
We evaluated cytograms and tissue sections of nasal polyps and mucosa of 30 patients with chronic allergic and nonallergic rhinitis. We compared them with cytograms and biopsies of 20 asymptomatic persons. We noticed a presence of neutrophils in cytograms and in biopsies of patients with allergic rhinitis and with nonallergic eosinophilic rhinitis. We(More)
An analysis of pulmonary tuberculosis morbidity risk factors has been presented among patients treated in the Clinic during the period 1990-94. Among the morbidity risk factors, apart from the presence of concomitant diseases, the deterioration of the standard of living of the population and the low level of health education, observed even among people with(More)
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