Barbara Rush

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Seven related Quarter Horse foals that died by 7 weeks of age were examined for glycogen branching enzyme (GBE) deficiency. Clinical signs varied from stillbirth, transient flexural limb deformities, seizures, and respiratory or cardiac failure to persistent recumbency. Leukopenia (5 of 5 foals) as well as high serum creatine kinase (CK; 5 of 5), aspartate(More)
A young man presenting with recurrent deep venous thrombosis was found to have a lupus type coagulation inhibitor. He showed neither clinical nor serological evidence of systemic lupus. The value of the Russell viper venom coagulation time in the detection of the inhibitor is demonstrated. Anticoagulant therapy has not caused any bleeding complication(More)
The kinetic constants, Km and Vmax, for the choline acetyltransferase reaction were determined for choline and eight choline analogs under conditions of high (0.3 M) and low (approximately 0.01 M) sodium chloride. At high sodium chloride, the maximal velocities of the different substrates varied over 27-fold, while at low sodium chloride, less than a 5-fold(More)
The Computer Science Center at the University of Maryland at College Park provides user services functions to colleges by hiring discipline oriented consultants to place within the colleges. These consultants are known as Campus Computing Associates. The major purpose of the program is to provide a formal link between the colleges and the central computing(More)