Barbara Rush

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Previous investigations of a treated model of hemorrhagic shock in the rat indicated the frequent occurrence of bacteremia that appeared to derive from the gut. This paper determines the incidence of bacteremia and endotoxemia during the acute shock period and compares this with similar observations in humans in varying degrees of shock. Studies in 26 rats(More)
Thirty-nine hemodynamically stable trauma patients were evaluated prospectively by laparoscopy before planned celiotomy. Laparoscopy was performed using a forward-viewing laparoscope connected to two high-resolution video monitors. The mechanism of injury was blunt trauma in eight, stab wounds (SWs) in 16, and gunshot wounds (GSWs) in 15. Laparoscopy(More)
1N11 ANY clinical and experimental problems concerning anaerobic metabolism and the accumulation of an oxygen debt have recently been studied, using Huckabee’s concept of “excess lactate” (1). Colonmetric methods have most often been used to measure pyruvic and lactic acid in blood (2, 3). The estimation of these two metabolites by an enzymatic analysis has(More)
Recent studies have shown improved efficacy of chemotherapy in patients with advanced squamous-cell cancer of the head and neck. Our purpose was to evaluate prospectively the activity of cisplatin plus 5-fluorouracil (5FU) in 37 patients with advanced stage IV squamous-cell cancer of the head and neck. There were two groups. Group 1 consisted of 19(More)
We have reviewed the clinical course and histologic findings in 84 patients with stage I and II squamous carcinoma of the mouth floor. We concluded that lesion thickness may offer a useful method for predicting the probability of cervical metastasis in node negative (N0) patients. Moreover, surface area of the lesion did not correlate with subsequent nodal(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of alpha-tocopherol, a free radical scavenger, on RBC deformability, mixed venous hemoglobin saturation (SvO2), arterial-venous oxygen content difference (C[a-v]O2), pHv, and survival during sepsis. DESIGN Randomized controlled study. INTERVENTIONS Sprague-Dawley rats were randomized to three groups: sham, cecal ligation(More)
We studied the incidence of decreased red blood cell deformability (RBCD) in sepsis and the association between decreased RBCD and oxygen free radical generation (as measured by malonyldialdehyde) and the occurrence of multiple-system organ failure (MSOF). Patients were divided into three groups: septic (n = 28), nonseptic (n = 15), and control (n = 5).(More)