Barbara Ross

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We have conducted a 6-wk drug withdrawal study in a group of chronic schizophrenic outpatients who had been maintained on injectable fluphenazine decanoate for at least 2 yr prior to the study. After two baseline assessments, patients were randomly assigned to two groups. The first group (holiday) received a placebo injection from a nurse who was not(More)
This report is a randomized, double-blind, comparative trial of desipramine with the psychomotor stimulant methylphenidate. Twenty HIV antibody-positive patients with depressive symptoms were randomly assigned to either drug. After individual dose titration, the mean daily dose of desipramine was 150 mg. and methylphenidate 30 mg. daily. The differences in(More)
BACKGROUND Dysfunctional cognitions can contribute to depression and its maintenance. They may be related to a higher relapse rate and a longer duration of the depressive episode. The relevance of dysfunctional cognitions for acute inpatient treatment of unipolar depression is examined in this study and its variability by cognitive behavioural therapy(More)
r E s u m E n El estudio describe características y factores de riesgo para el maltrato y la negligencia infantil, en 591 niños y adolescentes, sus figuras parentales y familias atendidas por ocho programas de intervención breve (PIB) " Vi-viendo en Familia " , subvencionados por el Servicio Nacional de Menores (SENAME) y ejecutados por la Protectora de la(More)
A comprehensive, electronic hospital epidemiology decision support system serves diverse users but its primary user is the infection control professional (ICP). Utilizing off-the-shelf components and accepted standards enables the system to be open, vendor-independent and ICP-controlled. Its development can flexibly respond to the evolving nature of(More)
The relation between psychiatric research and treatment remains a controversial subject. A psychopharmacological research program implemented in a state psychiatric hospital resulted in a significantly improved treatment milieu. Diagnosis, length of stay, amounts and types of medications administered, legal commitment status, seclusion and restraint time,(More)
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