Barbara Reisch

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Outwardly rectifying chloride channels (ORCC, ICOR) of intermediate single-channel conductance of around 50 pS, are ubiquitously expressed, but have remained a mystery since their description more than 25 y ago. These channels have been shown to be activated on membrane excision and depolarization of the membrane voltage and by cAMP in the presence of the(More)
A leucine aminopeptidase (EC cDNA clone (DR57) that was induced in response to Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato (P.s. tomato) infection was isolated using a subtractive hybridization-enriched cDNA probe. Genomic DNA blot analysis showed that the tomato genome had two leucine aminopeptidase genes. The levels of DR57 mRNAs after P.s. tomato infection(More)
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