Barbara Reddien Wagner

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PURPOSE To collect information regarding preparation, content, and format of Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPEs) and evaluate a sample of 2005 MSPEs to assess compliance with the 2002 Association of American Medical Colleges-issued MSPE guidelines. METHOD Cross-sectional survey with all 126 U.S. allopathic medical schools. Associate deans of(More)
BACKGROUND Professionalism in medical school predicts future behaviors. The authors assessed prevalence of references to professionalism behaviors in the clerkship commentary portion of Medical School Performance Evaluations (MSPEs). METHOD Content analyses of 293 MSPEs submitted for 2005 graduates. RESULTS Overall, 70% of MSPEs specifically mentioned(More)
The transformation of a large, private, not-for-profit, church-affiliated provider of residential services from an institutionally based to community-based service system was described. Closure of a 200-person ICF/MR facility was discussed. Factors influencing the decision to close the institution as well as the guidelines used in effecting the(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of musculoskeletal factors that influence supine kicking of infants born preterm has implications for early intervention. HYPOTHESES Differences exist between infants born preterm and full-term in ankle kinematics during supine kicking, which are attributable to passive measures of the gastrocnemius/soleus (g/s) muscle tendon unit(More)
A case report of a retarded person teaching another retarded person in a residential setting is presented. The person teaching was trained to use graduated physical and verbal prompts to teach the printing and spelling of the alphabet and certain words to the student. Over an 8-wk. period, the student thoroughly mastered the alphabet and learned to spell(More)
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