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PURPOSE The purpose of this pilot study was to assess the feasibility of a Tai Chi workplace wellness program as a cost effective way of improving physical and mental health, reducing work related stress, and improving work productivity among older nurses in a hospital setting Design A randomized control trial of two groups (control and Tai Chi group). (More)
PURPOSE To compare job satisfaction and career retention in two cohorts of RNs, those whose highest degrees were the associate degree (AD) or the bachelor's degree (BS) in nursing. DESIGN Survey. METHODS Instruments included a career satisfaction scale and questions based on the ongoing U.S. Health and Retirement Survey. Three-thousand nurses in the(More)
The influences of both paid and unpaid productive activity outside the home on positive and negative affect among White and Black males and females were examined in this study. Data are from a weighted subsample of those 60 and over from Wave 1 (1986) of the Americans' Changing Lives Panel Study. Multivariate analyses confirm the basic thesis that race and(More)
Enhancing Quality of Life (QOL) has long been an explicit or implicit goal for individuals, communities, nations, and the world. But defining QOL and measuring progress toward meeting this goal have been elusive. Diverse " objective " and " subjective " indicators across a range of disciplines and scales, and recent work on subjective well-being (SWB)(More)
The expected retirement of the largest cohort of nurses will push the RN workforce below projected need by 2020. The challenges of managing a nursing workforce with the majority of nurses over 45 years of age are now necessitating attention to polices for recruitment and retention of older nurses, particularly in rural areas. This convenience sample study(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was intended to compare and contrast young adults' perceptions of an ideal career versus their perceptions of six health professions: medical laboratory science, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, radiation technology, and respiratory therapy. STUDY DESIGN The study used a survey developed by May et al., which was modified and(More)
Person-centered planning is central to United Kingdom policies regarding the support of people with intellectual disabilities. However, little evidence exists on the impact or cost of introducing person-centered planning. We examined the efficacy, effectiveness, and costs of introducing person-centered planning for 93 people with intellectual disabilities(More)