Barbara Peil

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Genome-wide association studies have highlighted three major lung cancer susceptibility regions at 15q25.1, 5p15.33 and 6p21.33. To gain insight into the possible mechanistic relevance of the genes in these regions, we investigated the regulation of candidate susceptibility gene expression by epigenetic alterations in healthy and lung tumor tissues. For(More)
AIM The aim was to assess the performance of the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) in patients recruited in a clinical trial with over the counter analgesics in headache. METHODS The Thomapyrin Study showed the significant superiority of the fixed combination of acetylsalicylic acid + paracetamol + caffeine over the combination without caffeine, the single(More)
The relationship between genetic variability and individual phenotypes is usually investigated by testing for association relying on called genotypes. Allele counts obtained from next-generation sequence data could be used for this purpose too. Genetic association can be examined by treating alternative allele counts (AACs) as the response variable in(More)
Logistic regression is usually applied to investigate the association between inherited genetic variants and a binary disease phenotype. A limitation of standard methods used to estimate the parameters of logistic regression models is their strong dependence on a few observations deviating from the majority of the data. We used data from the Genetic(More)
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