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[reaction: see text] The solution-phase conformational properties of tetrameric and octameric chains of C-glycosyl alpha-d-lyxofuranose configured tetrahydrofuran amino acids (where the C-2 and C-5 substituents on the tetrahydrofuran ring are trans to each other) were examined using NMR and IR and CD in organic solvents. Studies by NMR and IR demonstrated(More)
L-glutamate semialdehyde (L-GSA) is an intermediate in biosynthetic pathways including those leading to the carbapenem antibiotics. We describe studies on asymmetric deuteration or hydrogenation of appropriate didehydro-amino acid precursors for the stereoselective synthesis of C-2- and/or C-3-[2H]-labelled L-GSA suitable for use in mechanistic studies.(More)
Phytanoyl-CoA 2-hydroxylase (PAHX), an iron(II) and 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenase, catalyses an essential step in the mammalian metabolism of beta-methylated fatty acids. Phytanoyl-CoA was synthesised and used to develop in vitro assays for PAHX. The product of the reaction was confirmed as 2-hydroxyphytanoyl-CoA by NMR and mass spectrometric analyses.(More)
A series of 3-fluoropyrrolidines have been studied to investigate the influence of the stereoelectronic fluorine gauche effect on ring conformations in the solid state by single-crystal X-ray analysis and in solution phase by NMR spectroscopy. As part of these studies 1D (19)F-(1)H heteronuclear NOE (HOESY) experiments have been optimised for applications(More)
(1)H NMR and computational analyses provide insight into the regiodivergent (α- and α'-) lithiation-electrophile trapping of N-thiopivaloyl- and N-(tert-butoxythiocarbonyl)-α-alkylazetidines. The magnitudes of the rotation barriers in these azetidines indicate that rotamer interconversions do not occur at the temperature and on the time scale of the(More)
Formation of stacked aggregates can dramatically alter the properties of aromatic π-systems, yet the solution-phase structure elucidation of these aggregates is often impossible because broad distributions of species are formed, giving uninformative spectroscopic data. Here, we show that a butadiyne-linked zinc porphyrin tetramer forms a remarkably(More)
The smallest and most strained member of a family of π-conjugated cyclic porphyrin oligomers was synthesized by using pentapyridyl templates based on ferrocene and corannulene. Both templates are effective for directing the synthesis of the butadiyne-linked cyclic pentamer, despite the fact that the radii of their N5 donor sets are too small by 0.5 Å and(More)
Understanding how molecular structure and environment control energy flow in molecules is a requirement for the efficient design of tailor-made photochemistry. Here, we investigate the tunability of the photochemical and photophysical properties of the retinal-protonated Schiff base chromophore in solution. Replacing the n-butylamine Schiff base normally(More)
Autocatalysis has been extensively studied because it is central to the propagation of living systems. Chemical systems which self-reproduce like living cells would offer insight into principles underlying biology and its emergence from inanimate matter. Protocellular models feature a surfactant boundary, providing compartmentalization in the form of a(More)