Barbara Niedzwiedzka

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This review provides a classification of public policies to promote healthier eating as well as a structured mapping of existing measures in Europe. Complete coverage of alternative policy types was ensured by complementing the review with a selection of major interventions from outside Europe. Under the auspices of the Seventh Framework Programme's Eatwell(More)
The 1999 reform of the Polish healthcare system revealed deficiencies in the research base and a lack of organized systems of information provision. Professionals who most need effective information systems are policymakers and healthcare managers. The main aim of the described study was to obtain data describing the needs, preferences and limitations of(More)
Department of Agricultural and Food Economics. University of Reading, Reading. United Kingdom, Department of Agricultural Economics. Ghent University. Ghent, Belgium. Centre for Research on Customer Relations in the Food Sector. Aarhus School of Business. Aarhus University. Denmark. Department of Statistics. Alma Mater Studiorum-Universita Di Bologna.(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and assess healthy eating policies at national level which have been evaluated in terms of their impact on awareness of healthy eating, food consumption, health outcome or cost/benefit. DESIGN Review of policy documents and their evaluations when available. SETTING European Member States. SUBJECTS One hundred and twenty-one(More)
Although in several EU Member States many public interventions have been running for the prevention and/or management of obesity and other nutrition-related health conditions, few have yet been formally evaluated. The multidisciplinary team of the EATWELL project will gather benchmark data on healthy eating interventions in EU Member States and review(More)
World Health Organization estimates that obesity accounts for 2-8% of health care costs in different parts of Europe, and highlights a key role for national policymaking in curbing the epidemic. A variety of healthy-eating policy instruments are available, ranging from more paternalistic policies to those less intrusive. Our aim is to measure and explain(More)
Public policy activities to promote healthy diets have been criticised for their lack of success. Applying a marketing approach to non-commercial policy objectives such as healthy eating, termed social marketing, is an emerging but as yet underdeveloped field. An earlier study conducted a case analysis of recent successful commercial food marketing and(More)
BACKGROUND Commercial food marketing has considerably shaped consumer food choice behaviour. Meanwhile, public health campaigns for healthier eating have had limited impact to date. Social marketing suggests that successful commercial food marketing campaigns can provide useful lessons for public sector activities. The aim of the present study was to(More)
The aim of the article is to present both published and unpublished information materials based on the literature review related to the accomplishments in the area of development and unification of the public health terminology. Public health is a multidisciplinary field that has long been struggling with the need to develop comprehensive and exhaustive(More)