Barbara Neupert

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Iron regulates human transferrin receptor (hTR) expression by modulating the stability of cytoplasmic hTR mRNA. This regulation requires a distinct secondary structure in the mRNA 3' untranslated region. We identified a specific cytoplasmic factor that binds simultaneously to four homologous palindromes within the regulatory domain. Iron chelator induced(More)
Iron regulatory factor (IRF), also called iron responsive element-binding protein (IRE-BP), is a cytoplasmic RNA-binding protein which regulates post-transcriptionally transferrin receptor mRNA stability and ferritin mRNA translation. By using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and the sequence published by Rouault et al. (1990) a probe was derived which(More)
We describe a simple method for the affinity purification of specific RNA-binding proteins. DNA sequences corresponding to the protein-binding site of the RNA are subcloned into an in vitro transcription vector between the T7 viral promoter and a poly(A) track. A polyadenylated RNA transcript is bound to poly(U)-Sepharose and subsequently incubated with a(More)
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