Barbara Moyer

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Culture conditions affect the binding activity, charge heterogeneity, conformational stability, glycosylation, and pharmacokinetics of human monoclonal IgM HMAB-10058. The 10058 human/human/murine trioma was grown in serum-free airlift suspension culture, hollow fiber perfusion culture, or in nude mouse ascites. The ascites-produced antibody showed reduced(More)
We studied prolonged length of stay (LOS) in the acute care setting on a medical-surgical vascular unit, related to loss of functional mobility status after lower extremity amputation, and implementation of the Amputee Mobility Protocol (AMP) as a standard of care for all patients pre- and post-lower extremity amputation who were admitted to the(More)
A hybridization technique has been devised for detecting and quantitating viral genes in tissues that combines macroscopic and microscopic analyses in the same section. The method is based on dual labeling virus-specific probes with 125I and 35S to generate signals that can be detected both with X-ray films and nuclear track emulsions. The regions of(More)
A total of 2,601 water samples from six different water systems were tested for coliform bacteria by Clark's presence-absence (P-A) test and by the membrane filter (MF) method. There was no significant difference in the fraction of samples positive for coliform bacteria for any of the systems tested. It was concluded that the two tests are equivalent for(More)
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