Barbara Moschner

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Research suggests that different motivational dynamics underlie right-wing authoritarianism (RWA) and social dominance orientation (SDO). These differences may be framed in the theory of basic human values. RWA may trace back to conservation versus openness-to-change values, and SDO to self-enhancement versus self-transcendence values. Based on a(More)
launched in January 2000 and is offered completely online. Faculty from three continents and more than 500 students from 12 different countries joined the MDE community within its first three years. The mission of the MDE is to qualify present and future managers of distance education. Given that distance education-and e-learning-have expanded so rapidly in(More)
Vorteile derK ombination und Integration von qualitativen und quantitativen Forschungsmethoden werden diskutiert und aufgezeigt.B asierend aufe iner begrifflichen Klärung derK onzepte " quantitativ " und " qualitativ " s tellt derB eitrag verschiedene Modelled er Methodenkombination theoretisch und bezogen aufein Interventionsprojekt ausder eigenen(More)
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