Barbara Millet

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—In recent years, algorithms have been developed to enable robots to operate autonomously and to interact with humans. However, the uncertainty associated with sensing and actuation on robots makes reliability a formidable challenge to their widespread deployment in critical real-world applications such as health-care. This paper outlines a stochastic(More)
Use of eye typing technology has been investigated since the early 1980s (Majaranta & Räihä, 2002). Typically, an eye typing system is equipped with an eye tracker that measures the user's eye behaviors (Majaranta & Räihä, 2007). The eye tracker records the user's eye movements by the corneal-reflection method using a standard desktop computer with an(More)
An emerging area of research in engineering psychology is the evaluation of text entry for mobile devices using a small number of keys for the control of cursor direction and character selection from a matrix of characters (i.e., selection-based data entry). The present article describes a software tool designed to reduce time and effort in the development(More)
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