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Snapdragon flowers emit two monoterpene olefins, myrcene and (E)-beta-ocimene, derived from geranyl diphosphate, in addition to a major phenylpropanoid floral scent component, methylbenzoate. Emission of these monoterpenes is regulated developmentally and follows diurnal rhythms controlled by a circadian clock. Using a functional genomics approach, we have(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Principal investigators for this study were Barbara Friedland and Louis Apicella (Population Council, New York and Swaziland). Co-investigators were Katie Schenk and Paul C. The Population Council conducts research worldwide to improve policies, programs, and products in three areas: HIV and AIDS; poverty, gender, and youth; and reproductive(More)
A coinfection assay was developed to examine Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes suspected to be involved in resistance to killing by human macrophages. THP-1 macrophages were infected with a mixture of equal numbers of recombinant Mycobacterium smegmatis LR222 bacteria expressing an M. tuberculosis gene and wild-type M. smegmatis LR222 bacteria expressing the(More)
BACKGROUND The ability of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to survive and replicate in macrophages is crucial for the mycobacterium's ability to infect the host and cause tuberculosis. To identify Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes involved in survival in macrophages, a library of non-pathogenic Mycobacterium smegmatis bacteria, each carrying an individual(More)
Increasingly, patients with tuberculosis are receiving clinical care in managed care organizations as a result of enrollment in Medicaid or Medicare, or coverage under privately purchased insurance policies or employee benefit plans. This represents a change from the system that has been in place for decades, where the clinical care and public health(More)
Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your brow ser. The Elliott School is offering many exciting classes about global gender issues this spring. Click here to see undergraduate and graduate listings. Serena Dandini, a celebrated Italian television host and author, will speak at the World Bank about her book, Sisters Don't Sleep, newly(More)
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