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The study identified social, educational, and demographic characteristics of deaf postsecondary students who demonstrated strong reading and writing skills. Questionnaire information, information from institutional databases, and in-depth personal interviews were used to identify factors and characteristics that positively influenced the attainment of(More)
BACKGROUND Although carbapenems are the primary treatment strategy for invasive infections caused by ESBL bacteria, case reports of these pathogens with reduced carbapenem susceptibility have emerged. One potential treatment modality is to optimize the use of anti-infectives with combination therapy. We evaluated the activity of carbapenems alone and in(More)
We designed and administered rating and ranking instruments to examine the perceptions about teaching characteristics held by administrators, academic department chairpersons responsible for evaluating teaching, instructional faculty, and deaf college students. The differences in perceptions found between supervisors and teachers about characteristics of(More)
Carbapenems (CARBs) are the primary treatment for infections caused by extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae strains. Production of a serine carbapenemase, KPC, is increasing alarmingly in the United States and is probably contributing to CARB resistance rates. We describe the clinical and molecular characteristics of four(More)