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Introduction Over the past ten to fifteen years 'corporate social responsibility' (CSR) has become an iconic buzzword. The idea that business can and should be responsible, that they must give back to society, is accepted widely. Examples of such socially responsible activities include philanthropy, volunteer work, and the reduction of environmental impact.(More)
Enhancing Quality of Life (QOL) has long been an explicit or implicit goal for individuals, communities, nations, and the world. But defining QOL and measuring progress toward meeting this goal have been elusive. Diverse " objective " and " subjective " indicators across a range of disciplines and scales, and recent work on subjective well-being (SWB)(More)
How we can help people to 'have a good day' ADULTS' SERVICES: SCIE GUIDE 16 How we can help people to 'have a good day' 2 The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) was established by Government in 2001 to improve social care services for adults and children in the United Kingdom. We achieve this by identifying good practice and helping to embed it in(More)
This information pack was designed to help staff, self advocates, families and friends to make communication better. The aim is to help people who are working in a Person Centred way, to better understand the communication styles of self advocates. An important first step in Person Centred Planning is to understand each person's unique way of getting their(More)
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