Barbara McFadden Allen

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In order to determine if protein kinase C (PKC) plays a significant role in the stimulant action of thromboxane A2 (TxA2) on pulmonary vascular smooth muscle, TxA(2)-induced contractile responses were measured following inhibition of PKC. Rabbits were sacrificed and segments of the main trunk of the pulmonary artery were removed and placed within a(More)
T here is considerable interest among policy-makers in documenting shortterm effects of science funding. A multiyear scientifi c journey that leads to longterm fruits of research, such as a moon landing, is more tangible if there is visible nearerterm activity, such as the presence of astronauts. Yet systematic data on such activities have not heretofore(More)
In evaluating research investments, it is important to establish whether the expertise gained by researchers in conducting their projects propagates into the broader economy. For eight universities, it was possible to combine data from the UMETRICS project, which provided administrative records on graduate students supported by funded research, with data(More)