Barbara Masters

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A technique is described to obtain time-lapse reflected light confocal images of cells in the basal epithelium and adjacent wing cell layer from the in vivo human cornea. The technique is based on the sequential relocation of the unique patterns of the subepithelial nerve plexuses immediately posterior to Bowman's membrane. The patterns of individual(More)
This paper provides the clinician and the researcher with an in-depth manual on the use of a scanning-slit confocal light microscope for the clinical examination and investigation of the living human cornea in vivo. The scope of the paper includes a thorough explanation of the principles of various types of confocal microscopes as well as their limitations,(More)
A nonlinear optical (NLO) microscopy system integrating stimulated Raman scattering (SRS), two-photon excited fluorescence (TPEF) and second-harmonic generation (SHG) was developed to image fresh mouse retinas. The morphological and functional details of various retinal layers were revealed by the endogenous NLO signals. Particularly, high resolution(More)
We describe a versatile, catheter-type two-photon probe, designed for in vivo and ex vivo imaging of the aqueous outflow pathway in the eye. The device consists of a silica double cladding fiber used for laser delivery and fluorescence collection, a spiral fiber scanner driven by a miniature piezoelectric tube, and an assembly of three micro-size doublet(More)
PolicyLink is a national nonprofit research, communications, capacity building, and advocacy organization, dedicated to advancing policies to achieve economic and social equity based on the wisdom, voice, and experience of local constituencies. All photos courtesy of Daniel J. Brewster Photography The mission of The California Endowment is to expand access(More)
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