Barbara Lotti

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CD4+ T-helper cells appear to be essential in sustaining immune responses in chronic viral infections, as the maintenance of CD8+ cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses and the control of viremia were demonstrated to depend on CD4+ T cell help. In order to investigate the function of HIV-specific CD4+ T cells in chronic HIV-1-infection, 49 chronically(More)
s of the 13th Red Lara Taller General, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26-28 April 2017 P-02. Vaginismus in Assisted Reproductive Technologies Centers: an invisible population to be cared M.C.B. de Souza1, M.C.G. Gusmão1, R.A. Antunes1, M.M. de Souza1, A.L.S. Rito1, P. Lira1, A.C.A. Mancebo1, M.A. Tamm1, T.R. Panaino1, M.J. Bahia1 1Fertipraxis Reprodução Humana,(More)