Barbara L Schuster

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Combined residency training in internal medicine and pediatrics is becoming a popular postgraduate program among graduating medical students. The number of such programs has increased rapidly but with little interchange of ideas and without the benefit of a national data base. In this paper, the authors review the experience of two combined programs.(More)
The graduate medical education (GME) process in the United States is considered the most respected model for high-quality education of graduate physicians in the world. With substantial funding through government and private insurers and through structured educational accreditation standards, the American Board of Medical Specialists-certified physicians(More)
In medical schools and residencies, the faculty in all settings and through all facets of the curriculum influence learners' skills, attitudes, and behaviors. Mentorship and role modeling are powerful forces in shaping a professional. To positively affect the number of students seeking to enter the generalist specialties, the faculty community will need(More)