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Temporal relations of discharges of 73 pairs of neurones located in the medial parts of the reticular formation of the lower brainstem were studied by cross correlation analyses in chloralose-urethane anaesthetized dogs. The action potentials of 2 or 3 neighbouring neurones were recorded with one electrode simultaneously. Uncorrelated discharges of neurones(More)
Experiments were carried out on cats anaesthetized with chloralose-urethane with a view to defining certain central pathways for the J reflex elicited by the right atrial injection of phenyldiguanide. The resulting motor inhibition was manifested by reduction in the amplitude of the knee jerk. The dorsal surface of the medulla was exposed and free riding(More)
1. Renal sympathetic nerve activity, ECG and parieto-occipital EEG were recorded in dogs anaesthetized with chloralose. The carotid sinus nerves were cut. Autocovariance functions and power spectra for these variables were computed. 2. During cooling of the vagus nerves, the integrated renal sympathetic activity exhibited rhythms which were correlated to(More)
s of the XVIII European and Motility Conference on Muscle DE BLIJE WERELT, LUNTEREN, THE NETHERLANDS SEPTEMBER 12-16, 1989 REGULATION OF CONTRACTION Inorganic cations and muscl,e contractility V. P. N e s t e r o v Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, USSR Academy of Sciences, Leningrad, USSR , Four major inorganic cations Na +,(More)
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