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The onset and progression of senescence are under genetic and environmental control. The Arabidopsis thaliana NAC transcription factor ANAC092 (also called AtNAC2 and ORE1) has recently been shown to control age-dependent senescence, but its mode of action has not been analysed yet. To explore the regulatory network administered by ANAC092 we performed(More)
Vascular plants appeared ~410 million years ago, then diverged into several lineages of which only two survive: the euphyllophytes (ferns and seed plants) and the lycophytes. We report here the genome sequence of the lycophyte Selaginella moellendorffii (Selaginella), the first nonseed vascular plant genome reported. By comparing gene content in(More)
Kinesin-3 motor UNC-104/KIF1A is essential for transporting synaptic precursors to synapses. Although the mechanism of cargo binding is well understood, little is known how motor activity is regulated. We mapped functional interaction domains between SYD-2 and UNC-104 by using yeast 2-hybrid and pull-down assays and by using FRET/fluorescence lifetime(More)
Primary mouse epidermal cells underwent spontaneous malignant transformation in culture. TWelve malignant epidermal cell lines were established which produced squamous cell carcinomas in syngeneic hosts. These lines were used to define criteria for recognizing transformed epidermal cells in vitro. Growth in suspension in agar, agarose, or Methocel was(More)
• Despite the great agricultural and ecological importance of efficient use of urea-containing nitrogen fertilizers by crops, molecular and physiological identities of urea transport in higher plants have been investigated only in Arabidopsis. • We performed short-time urea-influx assays which have identified a low-affinity and high-affinity (K(m) of 7.55(More)
Cynomolgus macaques are frequently used in biomedical research. However, in contrast to their closest relative, the rhesus macaque, little is known about their Mhc genes except for the DQB1 locus. In this study, 33 DRB-sequences belonging to 17 allelic lineages were detected in a total of 68 macaques, 58 originating from Mauritius and 10 from China. The(More)
The heme group of myeloperoxidase shows anomalous optical properties, and the enzyme possesses the unique ability to catalyze the oxidation of chloride. However, the nature of the covalently bound heme macrocycle has been difficult to identify. In this work, the electronic and magnetic properties of the heme groups in oxidized and reduced forms of wild-type(More)
Protein phosphorylation and cytosolic-free [Ca2+] ([Ca2+]i) contribute to signalling cascades evoked by the water-stress hormone abscisic acid (ABA) that lead to stomatal closure in higher-plant leaves. ABA activates an inward-rectifying Ca2+ channel at the plasma membrane of stomatal guard cells, promoting Ca2+ entry by shifting the voltage-sensitivity of(More)
Basal epidermal cells can be selectively maintained as a monolayer in culture medium containing a low ionic calcium concentration of 0.01-0.10 mM. Cessation of proliferation, maturation and shedding of squamous sheets can be induced in this population by increasing the calcium concentration above 0.1 mM. Since alterations in the regulation of proliferation(More)