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PURPOSE To better understand the origins of homophobia among males. METHODS Literature review and clinical illustration. RESULTS Data suggest that there is a range of homophobic attitudes. CONCLUSIONS We illustrate how homophobic attitudes can be associated with a hierarchy of defensive styles. We propose that these defensive styles are used to manage(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyse the effect of a valgus knee orthosis designed for patients with knee osteoarthritis on the electromyographic activity (EMG) of seven muscles of the lower limb during gait. Twelve patients with medial knee osteoarthritis walked on a treadmill in three different conditions: without orthosis, with a knee orthosis in 4°(More)
Psychiatry residents' organizations have been poorly studied and variously portrayed as facilitative or regressive. A telephone survey of 19 residency programs of differing sizes in all major geographic regions revealed that 89% had some form of residents' organization. The groups are characterized by a wide range of structures, and they undertake a variety(More)
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