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Masterly preparation: embedding clinical practice in a graduate pre-service teacher education programme
This paper describes the implementation of the Master of Teaching degree which was introduced at the University of Melbourne in 2008. The programme aims to produce a new generation of teachers (earlyExpand
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Dilemmas in Providing Hospitality to Others in the Classroom: A Story of One Christian Religious Education Teacher
This paper aims at rethinking the relationship that exists between White teachers and the religious/cultural/racial Others they teach about in terms of host/guest relations. It engages Derrida’sExpand
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Bottling the good stuff: Stories of hospitality and yarnin’ in a multi-racial kindergarten
DEVELOPING SUCCESSFUL SCHOOLING sites in multiracial regional town contexts can often be quite challenging. This paper examines the work done in one such pre-schooling context in a medium-sizedExpand
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Is ‘Learning' Science Enough? – A Cultural Model of Religious Students of Science in an Australian Government School
This paper investigates the cognitive experiences of four religious students studying evolutionary biology in an inner city government secondary school in Melbourne, Australia. The participants inExpand
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Overcoming the challenges of keeping young people in education: A wicked problem with implications for leadership, policy and practice
There has been considerable discussion about retention of students in education beyond Year 10 in Tasmania reflective of the fact that the state has the lowest retention rates for young peopleExpand
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Clinical Praxis Exams: Linking Academic Study with Professional Practice Knowledge
One of the more salient challenges facing teacher educators and curriculum leaders in schools is how to assist beginning teachers to link their academic studies with professional practice knowledge.Expand
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Two trees: Australian artists' books to Afghanistan and back
Two Trees documents an artists' books collaboration between 14 Australian women artists and women in Afghanistan who were learning literacy. The collaboration resulted in 36 concertina books ofExpand
Shaking Religious Education: A New Look At The Literature
Abstract This article offers an analysis of religious education practice through the literature that informs it. It engages Derrida's critique of the “metaphysics of presence” (1982a) to develop aExpand
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“Starting from a higher place”: linking Habermas to teaching and learning clinical reasoning in the emergency medicine context
Teaching clinical reasoning in emergency medicine requires educators to foster diagnostic accuracy and judicious decision-making amidst chaotic ambient factors including clinician fatigue, highExpand